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Do you have a position for a licensed clinical mental health counselor? Send us your position description with as many details as possible - credentials, license level (associates/full/supervisor). You or your company can post your LCMHC position, where it will be accessible to our association's 800+ membership as well as many hundreds of site visitors. A notice will be sent to members and placed on Facebook when a new job is posted, so they know to go to the website to check it out.

Do you want your position to receive more visibility? We can help you directly promote your position to our members and receive more attention. Send an email to to discuss the terms and conditions. We’ll get right back to you.
There are two ways to post:
  1. Free - Start here and fill in the sections with your position information.
  2. Sponsor a Job Advertisement - Rates vary by size of posting and length it will run. Contact for more information.
  1. Make sure you request the most important qualifications for the job so the most relevant candidates will apply?
  2. State the level of qualifications - Full independent license (LCMHC or LCMHC-S) or Associate license (LCMHC-A under supervision)?
  3. Experience needed - years in practice, populations, etc.?
  4. Additional Languages spoken?
  5. Virtual work or office work or both?
  6. Does the position require driving and a driver's license?
  7. How many professional references are preferred?
Please submit jobs by selecting Career Center from the main menu bar, and follow the links to submit a position.
Please note - LPCANC reserves the right to refuse posting any job for any reason.
Any questions? Contact our office at