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2021 Legislative Agenda 

    The Licensed Professional Counselor Association of North Carolina (LPCANC) promotes, protects, and develops the practice of Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselors (LCMHC). The Legislative Agenda is designed to support and advance the priorities of the LCMHC profession and scope of practice in adherence to the LCMHC Code of Ethics.  

Continued Telehealth Policies expanding on opportunities for LCMHC's throughout North Carolina and those put into place as a result of COVID-19. These include pertinent health coverage for services, increasing accessibility for persons in rural areas, increasing accessibility to psychiatric medications, and providing exceptional servcies. Additionally, the evaluation and research studies of the efficacy and outcomes of telehealth services.   

H149: An Act To Require Health Benefit Plan Coverage For The Delivery Of Health Care Services Through Telehealth
S161: An Act Appropriating Funds To The Department Of Health And Human Services To Expand The Statewide Telepsychiatry Program (NC-Step) 

NC Health Information Exchange Policies providing electronically-based information through an exchange system between providers to improve the quality, safety, and efficiency of patient care. To continue reducing health disparities, increasing care coordination, and ensuring adequate privacy and security of patient health records. Also, supporting opportunities for all providers to obtain connection and linkage if they cannot afford it as an individual or small practice. 

H395: An Act Extending For Certain Providers And Entities The Deadlines For Mandatory Participation In The Statewide Health Information Exchange Network Known As NC HealthConnex

Interstate Counseling Compact Policies to reduce barriers to interstate portability for LCMHC's and recognizes out-of-state workers, military spouses, and the need for uniformity in enforceable interstate licensure standards. To provide qualified professional clinical counselors to practice in all states that join the compact, which removes the necessity to obtain separate licenses in each desired state of practice. Additionally, to improve access to professional clinical counseling services, preserve and strengthen state licensure systems, enhance mobility and public safety, support relocating military spouses, and improve continuity of care when clients travel or relocate. Read More Now!   

H791: An Act To Establish And Enter Into An Interstate Compact For The Practice Of Professional Counseling

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Other 2021 Bills of Interest to Monitor 

H91An Act To Reduce Unnecessary Regulatory Constraints For Applied Behavior Analysis

H173: An Act To Make Juvenile Justice And Adult Correction Separate Divisions Within The Department Of Public Safety And To Appropriate Funds 

H277: An Act To Deliver Safe, Accessible, Value-Directed, And Excellent (Save) Health Care Throughout North Carolina By Modernizing Nursing Regulations 

H280: An Act To Provide Funding For The Planning And Construction Of A New Mental Health Care Facility In Western North Carolina 

H358: An Act To Enact The Save Women's Sports Act To Protect The Opportunities For Women And Girls In Athletics By Ensuring Women Are Not Forced To Compete Against Men Playing On Women's Sports Teams 

H370: An Act Establishing A Pilot Program To Expand The Veterans Justice Intervention Program And Appropriating Funds For The Program 

H436: An Act To Require Psychological Screening Of Law Enforcement Officers Prior To Certification Or Employment, To Educate Law Enforcement Officers On Maintaining Good Mental health, And To Provide Information To Law Enforcement Officers On Mental Health Resources Available

H492: An Act Providing That Law Enforcement Officers, Firefighters, 911 Dispatchers, And Emergency Management Services Personnel Are Entitled To Workers' Compensation Benefits For Psychological Trauma Whether Or Not Such Injuries Are Accompanied By Physical Injuries Under Specified Circumstances 

H585: An Act To Provide That A Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist, Or An Employee or Associate of A Licensed Marriage And Family Therapist, With Privileges Against Disclosure Under State Law is Not Required To Report Crimes Against Juveniles If The Privilege Would Prevent The Person From Doing so. 

S36: An Act To Make Certain Modifications To 2020 COVID-19 Relief Legislation 

S103: An Act To Reduce Unnecessary Regulatory Constraints For Applied Behavior Analysis 

S154: An Act To Fully Fund School Social Workers And School Psychologists Over Ten Years  

S207: An Act To Implement The Juvenile Justice Reinvestment Act Based On Legislative Recommendations Of The Juvenile Jurisdiction Advisory Committee 

S249: An Act To Deliver Safe, Accessible, Value-Directed, And Excellent (Save) Health Care Throughout North Carolina By Modernizing Nursing Regulations 

S392: An Act Concerning The Protection Of Minors And Adults Who Have Disabilities From Attempts To Change Sexual Orientation And Gender Identity 

S501: An Act To Create The Department Of Adult Correction, To Create The Division Of Juvenile Justice And The Division of Community Corrections In The Department Of Public Safety, To Make Other Technical And Conforming Changes, And To Appropriate Funds 

S514: An Act To Protect Minors From Administration Of Puberty Blockers And Cross-Sex Hormones And Other Related Actions, Procedures, And Treatments 

S515: An Act To Protect The Right Of Conscience Of Medical Practitioners, Health Care Institutions, And Health Care Payers

S595: An Act To Create A Task Force To Study Adverse Childhood Experiences 

S622: An Act To Make Base Budget Appropriations For Current Operations Of State Departments, Institutions, And Agencies, And For Other Purposes 

S665: An Act To Protect North Carolina Citizens From The Unlicensed Operation Of Mental Health Facilities Or Programs Providing Services Requiring A License Under Article 2 Of Chapter 122C Of The General Statutes