Lobbying is one of the best ways to advocate and make a change. You have a lot more power than you realize!

Building a Relationship With Your Legislators 

Here's a guide on how to build relationships with legislators to strengthen advocacy! 

Step 1: Legislation that interests you
Step 2: Contact your legislator
Step 3: Speaking with your legislator
Step 4: Meeting with your legislator
Step 5: The conversation
Step 6: Asking for support
Step 7: Following up
Step 8: Repeat


Know Your Legislation

Know the laws that govern lobbying
Get and stay informed about North Carolina's General Assembly.
Find out who your legislators are.


Do's and Don'ts of Lobbying


  • Be truthful to gain respect. 
  • Be direct, brief, to the point, and curteous.
  • Address representatives properly.  
  • Display knowledge of both sides of the issue.
  • Admit if you do not know an answer, but will follow up with additional accurate information. 
  • Be willing to compromise. 
  • Show interest in the legislator's staff.
  • Follow up the visit with a thank you note, email, or phone call. 


  • Be dishonest. 
  • Be disrespectful, argumentative, rude, threatening, or intimidating. 
  • Wait untill the last minute before a bill is heard before writing.
  • Be vague or overload legislators with too much information (one visit-one issue). 
  • Assume they know the issue you are talking about. 
  • Give up if your concern has not been fully addressed.